Phil 12.20.16

7:00 – 8:00 School

  • Looks like I need to keep track of my hours better for next year. Getting started now
  • Continuing with Sociophysics

8:30 – 4:30 ASRC

  • Sorting TableColumn(s)- done. The trick is to change the name and the cellValueFactory:
    tc.setCellValueFactory(new MapValueFactory<>(colName));
  • Sorting rows is more straightforward. Just got a list of the sorted row sums and reordered based on that.
  • Need to update the value in the ‘selected field’ textarea.
  • Verify that the cells are tracking
  • Add a tab so that it’s possible to switch between the original and the product matrices
  • Add an Edit/recalculate capability
    • Tweak original matrix
    • Adjust k
    • Column clustering/renaming

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