Phil 12.19.16

7:15 – 4:15 ASRC

  • Continuing with Sociophysics
    • Chapter 7:  of flocks, flows and transports [page 179]
    • Boids (Flocks, herds and schools: A distributed behavioral modelCraig Reynolds):
      • Try to avoid collisions with other boids (repulsion)
      • Attempt to match velocity with neighboring boids
      • attempt to stay close to nearby boids
    • If the collision avoidance is taken out and the number of dimensions increased, then this could be the model. Rather than the flock converging around a position, look at the distances between the individuals using DBSCAN and cluster.
    • Density and noise need to be independent variables and saved on runs. This would also be true in information space. You can have high organization in high density, low noise states. Thinking about that, this also implies one of the emergent properties of an information bubble is the low noise. Even though the environment may be very noisy, the bubble isn’t.
    • As with the other social models, individuals can have weight. That way the flock can have leaders and followers. (See Misinformed leaders lose influence over pigeon flocks to inform the model)
    • Also, I like the idea of a social network being built from belief proximity, which raises the cost for switching to another flock, even if they are nearby. It could be that once a social network forms that anti-belief repulsion starts to play a role.
  • BRC
    • Updating intellij and Java.
    • Intellij failed to patch. Odd. Tried again and it worked.
    • Working on getting tables to update
      • Clear() – done
      • Load – done
      • Select row and modify – done
      • Working on columns and cells
      • Need to sort by row and column. Do this as part of the update() process

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