Phil 10.11.16

Phil 7:00 – 5:00  ASRC

  • Heard about LoRa on the radio this morning. This might be the bike box tracker technology I’m looking for. Not sure if the networks are active at airports though.
  • More slides. Putting questions that don’t seem to fit anywhere else at the back
  • Finished first pass through motivations. Started on Lit Review and a bit of Current Work.
  • Work on Google CSE integration in the Research Browser today? Then lazy loading of the pages behind the listing.
  • Getting the search results using the ONLY_COM engine for now (TODO: Add more engines later)
  • Working on taking the items and making them data/graphics objects that can be included in a list. Going to start with a combobox to get the mechanics working right and then walk back from that.
  • Combobox list works! There is only one combobox that is assigned to the selected cell, so the list has to be repopulated on selection. Otherwise it’s all straightforward.
  • Started reading The Last Place on Earth.