Phil 10.12.16

7:00 – 6:00 ASRC

  • Word Vector analysis on 18th century lit. Very interesting:
  • More slides
  • Starting on switching out the combobox to a custom component. Using this tutorial
  • Components work
  • Adding tabs. It works, but the second
  • Meeting with Wayne. I should time slides for a 30 minute talk
    • Follow up with Barbara and get a room nailed down
    • Also met with Shimei – I’ll send out a note to the rest of the committee asking if there are any items that they want me to clarify in the talk from their reading of the proposal
    • Created a doodle for the walkthrough
  • More reading The Last Place on Earth. Amundson was literally raised into arctic exploration techniques. His explorer framing is different from Scott’s? We’ll find out.