Phil 2.8.16

7:00 – 5:00 VTX

  • My 401k still isn’t being done right. Sheesh.
  • More Publius: A robust, tamper-evident, censorship-resistant web publishing system
    • Very good introduction, then it dives into the weeds of how the system was implemented and and the cryptologic challenges. Good stuff, and should be addressed. It does imply that the information stored in my system could be encrypted and sharded as an additional layer of protection agains malicious editing. Since in this case, text can have annotations pointing to it but the source should be archival.
    • I think I also need to set up a new doc db of news items that I can use to make the story more readable.
      • Stories of people fooled by misinformation
      • Stories of people damaged by lack of anonymity
      • Stories about citizen journalism
      • Stories about computational journalism
      • Something about CSCW, Wikipedia maybe?
    • Anderson’s Eternity Service?
  • Need to make the ProviderObject persistent. Done
  • Need a rating object – date , who, the rating, anything else? Done-ish
  • Need to make a quick & dirty swing app for people to use – started. Once that’s working, then build the rating object that it will create
  • Need to connect to a remote DB
    • Will also need summary statistics and charts to see how queries do.
    • Will also need to store the good (“match” and “flaggable”) pages for later training.
  • Should make the app stand-alone-ish Jsmooth?
  • Discussion with Mike G., Heath, Bob H., and Theresa on how to integrate current NLP/NER