Phil 2.9.16

7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Finished Publius: A robust, tamper-evident, censorship-resistant web publishing system
  • Starting Anonymity Loves Company – Anonymous Web Transactions with Crowds by Mike Reiter and Aviel Ruben, who was one of the co-authors on the Publius paper.
    • Crowds could probably be built with PeerJS. The ISP would still know traffic, but that’s it.
  • Found this nice article in Communications of the ACM: Evolution of Structured Data on the Web. Nice overview. Very current.
  • The Big List of Naughty Strings
  • Time to combine everything
    • Optional generation of Providers and queries – default is to load them from the DB
    • Run queries from the DB
      • Show the number available and allow a request – done
      • Iterating over the queries and pages. Need to create, append and persist a rating Done
      • Named queries for
        • Queries that have the lowest number of results.ratings – done-ish. Currently it looks for -1 as a flag. Should also look for queries that have unrated results.
        • Queries associated with ‘bad’ providers
        • Queries associated with ‘good’ providers
      • Connect to DB remotely
    • Wrap the app (done, with Launch4j. Very nice!) and test it on the other laptop. Note, it doesn’t have enough disk to install java on. That will have to wait.
    • Packing up the laptop. Debating bringing multi monitor support. I’ll have the other laptop…
    • Gratuitous screenshot: SwingFlashback