Phil 2.5.16

6:45 – 4:15 VTX

  • Change the JsonLoaded class to only look at declared fields – done
  • Register for Periscope Charts -done. Callback on Monday?
  • Working on parsing the query result.
    • Had to set the charset to UTF-8. Huh.
    • Can we pull back items by cacheId? Then we don’t need to load the primary store with internet info.
    • Had a STUPID mistake in getting JPA set up. Had all the annotations pointing at each other, but forgot when creating the result objects that I had to pass the ‘parent’ query object in to get the mapping. Sigh.
    • Adding a dirt-simple rating scheme
      • Java app iterates over all the urls returned and the user can pick from:
        1 - not appropriate at all
        2 - medical and or legal
        3 - Correct person
        4 - Correct person with flaggable

        The Java app then either opens the page or downloads and opens the file with the default application.

      • The user picks the value, the result object persists with the rating and we move on to the next item. Right now the DB is on my local machine, but if we made it networkable everyone could rate a few pages. Most of the results should only take a few seconds to evaluate.
  • I have the Google/db code running in one sandbox and the user eval running in another. Monday I’ll integrate them.