Phil 12.14.15

7:00 – 3:30 VTX

  • Learning: Boosting
    • Binary classifications
    • Weak Classifier = one that is barely better than chance.
    • Adaboost for credibility analysis? Politifact is the test. Speakers, subjects, etc are classifiers. What mix of classifiers produces the most accurate news? Something like this (check citations in the paper)
    • Which means that we can keep track of those items that are always moved to the top of the pertinence list and score them as true(?). This means that we can then use that result to weight the sources that appear to be credible so that they in turn become more relevant (we can also look at the taxonomy terms that get maximized and minimized) the next query.
  • Discussion with Jeremy about the RDB schemas
  • Scrum – really short
  • RDB design meeting. Lots of discussion about data sources but nothing clear. Jeremy didn’t like the unoptimized storage of the general model
  • Followon discussions with Jeremy. I showed him how unions can fix his concerns. He adjusted the schema, but I can’t get on the VPN at home for some reason. Will see tomorrow.

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