Phil 12.11.15

8:00 – 5:00 VTX

  • No AI course this morning, had to drop off the car.
  • Some preliminary discussions about sprint planning with Aaron yesterday. Aside from the getting the two ‘Derived’ database structures reconciled, I need to think about a few things:
    • who the network ‘users’ are. I think it could be VTX, or the system customers, like Aetna.
    • What kinds of networks exist?
      • Each individual doctor is a network of doctors, keywords, entities, sources, threats and ratings. That can certainly run on the browser
      • Then there is the larger network of ‘relevant’ doctors. That’s a larger network, certainly in the 10s – 100s range. On the lower end of the scale that could be done directly in the browser. For larger networks, we might have to use the GPU? Which seems very doable, via Steve Sanderson.
      • Then there is the master ranking, which should be something like most threatening to least threatening, probably. Queries with additional parameters pull a subset of the ordered data (SELECT foo, bar from ?? ORDER BY eigenvalue). Interestingly, according to this IEEE article from 2010, GPU processing  was handling 10 million nodes in about 30 seconds using optimized sparse matrix (SpMV) calculations. So it’s conceivable that calculations could be done in real time.
  • More documentation
  • More discussions wit Aaron about where data lives and how it’s structured.
  • Sprint planning