Phil 12.15.15

7:00 – 3:30 VTX

  • Representations: Classes, Trajectories, Transitions
    • Inner language, the language with which we think
    • Semantic nets
      • parasitic semantics – where we project knowing to the machine. We contain the meaning, not the machine.
    • Combinators = edge
    • Reification – linking links?
    • Sequence
    • Minsky – Frames or templates add a localization layer.
    • Classification
    • Transition
      • Vocabulary of change, not state
      • (!)Increase, (!)decrease, (!)change, (!)appear, (!)disappear
    • Trajectory
      • Objects moving along trajectories
      • Trajectory frame (prepositions help refine – by, with, from, for, etc)
        • Starts at a source
        • Arranged by agent, possibly with collaborator
        • assisted by instrument
        • can have a conveyance
        • Arrives at destination
        • Beneficiary
      • Wall Street Journal Corpus
        • 25% transitions or trajectories.
      • Pat comforted Chris
        • Role Frame
          • Agent: Pat
          • Action: ??
          • Object: Chris
          • Result: Transition Frame
            • Object: Chris
            • Mood: Improved (increased)
    • Story Libraries
      • Event Frames – adds time and place
        • Disaster -adds fatalities, cost
          • Earthquake – adds name, category
          • Hurricane – – adds magnitude, fault
        • Party
          • Birthday
          • Wedding – adds bride and groom
  • Scrum
  • Working on downloading and running the NLP code
    • Downloaded Java EE 7u2
    • Downloaded Gradle 2.9
    • Installed and compiled. Took 41 minutes!
    • Working on running it now, which looks like I need Tomcat. To run Tomcat on port 80, I had to finally chase down what was blocking port 80. I finally found it by running NET stop HTTP, (from here) which gave me a list that I could check against the services. I monitored this with Xampp’s nifty Netstat tool. The offending process was BranchCache, which I disabled. Now we’ll see what that breaks…
    • Tomcat up and running
    • NLPService blew up. More secret knowledge:
      Local RabbitMQ Setup
      Install Erlang 
      # Set *ERLANG_HOME* in system variables. (e.g. C:\Program Files\erl6.4)
      Install RabbitMQ 
      #* If you get Windows Security Alert(s) for *epmd.exe* and/or *erl.exe*, check "Domain networks..." and uncheck "Private networks" and "Public networks"
      # Open the command prompt as *administrator*
      # Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ Server\rabbitmq_server-3.5.3\sbin.
      # Run the following commands:             
      rabbitmq-plugins.bat enable rabbitmq_web_stomp rabbitmq_stomp rabbitmq_management
      rabbitmq-service.bat stop                                                        
      rabbitmq-service.bat install                                                     
      rabbitmq-service.bat start                                                      
      RabbitMQ Admin Console
    • Installed Erlang and RabbitMQ. We’ll try running tomorrow.

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