Phil 10.30.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Working from home today, waiting for people to show up.
  • Here’s the fix for the Reqonciler issue:
    • Open Reqonciler in your browser.
    • click Post-Processing button to see all queries
    • double click the one that you disabled this morning to edit, Order 2100, update month 1 year 2 to 100% from month 12 year 1
    • add ” AND NOT ISNULL(bc.uid)” at the end of the query without the double quotes. Make sure there is a space before.
    • Save, run, and check the data
  • In the process of getting my home dev environment working again. I swear I should just do this once a week so it’s less stressful.
    • Fixed the Imagick load so that there is a test for the extension and whether the extension is installed correctly.
    • Disabled the world wide web service so that apache could run on port 80
    • Updates all the files in the Apache htdocs directory. Forgot that I had updated the server access methods to take an object.
    • It occurs to me that I can load up the DB directly on the server if I don’t get everything done with the dictionary by Wednesday.
  • Examine AlchemyNLP and see if there is a hierarchy that can be used. Not without a lot of work.
  • Buy and download the fivefilters term extractor and see how to integrate.
    • Ordered. Waiting for confirmation to show up.
    • Installed. Time to see if it’ll work. It looks good, though possibly slow? starting to put together a dictionary class to examine more deeply.
  • Add dictionary Flyout directive
    • Name the dictionary
    • Choose the networks (add/remove from list) ()
    • Input html, text or url
    • Get the clean text and show the machine extracted terms. We could look up potential definitions too – from wordnik. Set up an account and applied for a developer key.
    • Show a list of selected terms with checkboxes
      • Checked items can be deleted or grouped
      • Items can be added by typing into a field
    • Show a list of ‘group items’.  This displays a list of the items who’s index appears in the ‘parent’ field
      • Selecting an item in this list reorders the item list to show the appropriate group first
  • There should also be a select dictionary option on the network flyout

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