Phil 10.16.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Added Ronda as an admin. We need to do something with groups but can’t figure out what/how to do.
  • Fixed Carla’s cert problems
  • Need to add ‘tolower’ on the names/labels of non-url items in the PHP, before the item is stored – TODO
  • Need to check if it’s easy to move the root object to where the selected item(‘s average) position – TODO
  • Need to be able to edit an item – TODO
  • Working on ratings
    • Making a ratingObject to pass between the controller, the rating directive, and the rssFeed directives. Done
    • Wired up the Rating directive to the RssFeed directive.
    • Reworking the rating query.It needs to create the item, get its id_index, then create an association between it and the target that has already been passed in. Done
    • Last thing to do is to enable the query in the rssPull.php and uncomment the submitObj call in RssController.addRatingSubmit. Cool!

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