Phil 10.17.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Some progress on dev machine? Submitted (another) ticket.
  • Meeting with Ronda at 3:00.
  • Thinking about weights on the trust matrix. Is adjacency calculated by keyword/entity/host etc., and the weight of that connection based on the trust value? I’m currently thinking that all the support/dispute scores are added together, and used as the weight for (all?) the connections. Then the question is how to build the matrices.
    • Do the urls get connected directly, or do they go through keyword/entity/host etc?
    • Is there a separate matrix for keyword/entity/host/etc?
    • It would probably make sense to try one large heterogeneous matrix and several smaller homogeneous matrices. With and without the intervening non-url item.
  • Finishing up with adding ratings. Done!
  • Need to add ‘Relationship’ that can connect to multiple items. It should be like a rating item that connects to all selected without the rating value. Although ‘relevance’ might be interesting. And allow me to use the ratingPanel html. Done
  • Adding re-centering on the selected items. Discovered I wasn’t adding items to the rootObject. Instead I was adding them to the scene directly. That took a while to fix. Working on centering now..

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