Phil 10.15.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • No change on dev admin
  • Need to add ‘tolower’ on the names/labels of non-url items in the PHP, before the item is stored
  • Adding rating directive today.
    • Starting with adding ratings to the data object and data format
    • Added additional shapes so ratings can be distinguished.
    • Killed Eclipse trying to run a PHP test
    • Adding a separate tn_rating to the network is going to be a lot of work. Going to see if I can use tn_items for ratings. They have enough fields, and I have the logic to treat items differently already. Ok, that seems to work. Going to delete the tn_ratings logic. Add rating will be the addition of a RATING item type and an RATING association from the rating item to the target (which can be any item?). Actually, this may turn out better. I can add COMMENT types and other meta information items.
    • Got most of the initial directive layout done and running. Tomorrow we’ll wire it up.
  • Need a show/hide selection capability. All, URLS, ENTITIES, SELECTED, etc.TODO
  • If that gets done I’ve been thinking about the addition of user-specified items. TODO
    • A new item should (must?) have an association with at least one other item.
    • Associations will be made with all selected items
    • Directive dialog to create the new item.
    • In the item list, selected and ‘visible’ items need to be color coded and labeled
    • Items need to be selectable from the item list

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