Phil 8.28.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Commuting in the reverse order. Don’t forget to pick up energy drink mix too!
  • 3:00 meeting with Ronda to work on the servers
  • Adding isAssociation() and isItem() methods to the rssFeed directive. Done. Will probably add isRating() and isTouch() once they start getting used.
  • Deleting ComponentNetwork class from rssController – Done
  • Deleting pendingQueryArray and queryHistory from rSSController. The history can be pulled from the items in the DataProvider. Which works.
    • Add some test QUERY types to validate – Done – replaced the ENTITIES in tn_items. Worked with no other changes.
  • Setting items if their associated queries are clicked and setting the query if a query item in the chart is clicked. Done!
  • Deploying new version to the server.
  • And I am done for the day. Next week needs the following
    • Add items, which will (should?) return the whole data provider. Only differences (additions and deletions) should cause an effect.
    • Have selected items (only?) show up in the list.
    • Have the ‘query’ task change it’s behavior based on what’s sitting in the field. If it’s an url, open it in a new tab.If it’s text (can be multiple queries) combine all the text into a new query and run it.
    • Continue to flesh out the types.
    • Save, Save As, reload (clear and load) models. Verify! Test!