Phil 8.27.15

7:30 – 5:00 SR

    • Ranted about JavaScript’s design (evolution?) flaws here.
    • Adding items to the environment
      • Need to compare the data provider to see what’s in the model but not in the DP and delete it
      • Need to change the data format to include all the tn_types – started
      • Link the pulled-down data to the chart data. Going to try just assigning pointers first.
      • Hey! It loaded from the DB and rendered! Need to anchor the network root. Done. For the time being I’m using the lowest id_index, which will equate to the earliest entry.


      • Need to verify that all the connections are good too.
      • Attached the data object.
      • The view that produced the query results was wrong. Fixed now:


  • Up on the server and tested in all browsers. Had a heart stoppage when the tn_view_network_items didn’t get added. But it’s all good now.  For tomorrow, try adding items and modifying the network structure with only the new items.

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