Phil 8.31.15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Status report – Done
  • Timesheets! – Done
  • Get selected items showing up in the feed panel. Done! looks good. Commented out the default addition to the feed. It did make me realize that I need to add a ‘filter network’. Selections should highlight in the GUI and list in the feed.
    • By text search – searching title, description and query
    • By Date range
    • Other?
  • Got the selection working. Query-ish items go in the query box where they are combined into a single query, URL-ish items are listed in the feed section.
  • Get parsing of webpages working so so that they fit into the googleNewsFeed object. This should be just using the Alchemy object with some additional parsing.
  • Deployed to the server, and verified that the page works with Chrome, FF, Edge and IE11