Phil 8.20.15

8:30 – 4:30 SR

  • Working on getting admin on the servers. Then my dev box.
  • Only clear the data item list when a new query is submitted. Adding an item to the network should show up in the network. Any selected items appear at the head of the itemList, above the previous search results. This way, more than one item can be added from the same search.
  • Items are added to the network only from the response from the server. The query should also send up a list of item ids and association ids that it already has, so only new items are returned. Ok, that’s mostly done, though at this point the full network is returned.
  • Network file operations need
    • A default state (id == -1?). This is an interesting problem. Since the system needs the server and the DB to build the connections in the network, we have to have a provisional network. I think I’m going to do this by creating networks where the ‘new’ network is created as ‘provisional’. If the user exits without saving and then starts a new session, any prior provisional network is deleted.
    • Merge With – adds the current network to the selected network and then downloads the while thing
    • Load – deletes anything current
    • Save –  save as current
  • I think I have this now working by saving the network the moment that the app comes up as not archive. The id is then used until another network is loaded (then all not archive are deleted for the user anyway. If the user explicitly saves the new network, then it’s set to archive.