Phil 8.19.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Admin has been approved. Waiting for my logins to re-activate
  • Friday, 9:00-ish meeting with GAO-ish folks to talk about ingest.
  • Continue working on storing items and associations.
  • These people integrate annotations into the article, which is deeper. But in the reading of an article, this seems overwhelming
  • Bayes Server – worth getting? John G. Sandiford’s thesis.
  • Adding a UID to associations, since they need to be unique and findable. Done, and it’s for within a network.
  • Added a HOST type so that the root of the domain can be stored as an attribute as well. Of course, there was a PHP call to do this.
  • Tested creation of items and associations against this Miami Herald article.
  • Need to make sure that NLP items don’t get stored if they don’t return right.

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