Phil 8.21.15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • Still no admin, but we’re at the last step. I think.
  • Meeting with the GMO folks. They have an ExtJS framework (YUI-based!?) for all their user IO.
  • We will *not* be abandoning Angular: xtJsVsAngularJs
  • Long discussion with Mark and Lenny about next steps. Maybe integrate all the efforts? I made the point that what we have is an information navigation system, but the info is questionable. Wheat we need is a data/inference system
  • More housekeeping for network logging in. Cleaned up the add network code on the client and server. Everything seems to be working as it’s supposed to. Next step will be to add items to the live network and then bring down and parse the data object.
  • I also realized that the best way to show the items is to have the master list populated by sublists. So the status item would be loaded first, then the selected items, then the search results. Then the various sublists can be managed separately and the other lists won’t care.

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