Phil 5.12.15

8:00 – 3:00

  • Still no admin
  • Interview with Debbie. She’s very comfortable with MySql, but not so much with coding. She didn’t even try to solve the Fizz Buzz test. I told Chris that I’d be fine with her and a coder, but he can only afford everything in one package.
  • I need to add a MERGE association. It will chain up from one merge to the next going from higher number to lower number and will end at the lowest number and show that. In other words, I might want to merge (1, ‘Donald Trump’), (3, ‘Trump’), (6, ‘The Donald’) and (10, ‘Mr. Trump’). Each of these could have a merge association so we could chain 10->6->3->1.
  • Since I now know how to use networks, I’m going to build out the open/save network flyout panel. I think I can use ng-style?
  • And I fixed the CSS problems! It turns out that I was using the wrong CSS class name on the main page. It was being used in the directive HTML as well.
  • Making the flyout a directive that will share a data object with the controller. Which si going very smoothly. I think one of the patterns with angular and typescript is to limit the number of files that require referencing within many files. If you don’t have to do a lot of wiring, things go much faster. Of course, this is also an argument for automation…
    • Working through the styles and loading of the networks.