Phil 8.13.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Still no admin
  • Gave Lenny the FizzBuzz test. He’s trying to solve it in Excel. And he did a fine job. Something to know about the Excel IF function. It’s an implicit ELSEIF. So always start with the narrow case and work out.
  • Going to add views to chart_data db for pulls, rather than submit a join directly.
    • Ok, that was awesome. Views. Are. The. Best.
    • Changing queries in the PHP to use the views. Done.
  • Get network listing, selecting and loading working
    • got the interface built and running
  • Make the query into a flyout where the buttons are still visible in the collapsed state. Will also have to change the size of the webgl div? Or just overlay it?
  • Updated lib to angular 1.4.3 – no changes that I can see.