Phil 8.11.15

8:00 – 5:30 SR

  • No admin
  • Got pulled down the CSS rabbit hole and got nowhere, but I spent 2 hours doing it.
  • Fixed guids for Google News items – top news did not match targeted searches. Now it’s simply the link.
  • Added saving of pictures from NLP
  • restructuring the rsstestbed
    • The first thing that is always done is that something is added to the network.
      • Search – google news rss.
      • URL – if selected from the list provided from the search, then a link is made. Otherwise, it’s a new start.
      • NLP – any URL that comes back has author, title, keywords, entities and concepts associated with it. These are attached to the URL that is added to the network. Because there is only one item of each type, implicit networks are made that connect URLS
      • Ratings point to an item or another rating. They can also point to an URL (which is then NLP’d for relations)