Phil 7.23.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups on site. No fires to deal with.
  • Started to put XP on the Sony laptop. No luck – XP couldn’t recognize the drives. And, the serial number for the CD was *only* in the email that Microsoft sent me, which was at home.  So I went home, got my car from the shop, and brought back one of my old desk side units. Dong is in the process of installing XP on it, since he has all the spare monitors on his desk.
  • Copying my Eclipse workspace over so that I can change compilers without having to worry about unforeseen consequences.
  • Compiling everything with 3.5B results in runtime errors with AdvancedDataGrid, and you can’t compile FlexiChart with anything less than 3.6. Trying to compile just EdgeUtils and Management Utils with 3.5B. Vis2 is compiled with 3.6, while I’m compiling AccountManager with 3.5B. Will test on site tomorrow to see how that works.