Phil 7.30.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups of PPM and scripting databases. Should probably start Vis2 as well, as questions, desktops and slide shows start getting stored.
  • So I brought in my test programs today, and they all worked. Yay! This also led to the main bug that was causing the whole problem. The test programs allow the endpoint to be entered from the app. When I was writing the code, I had the default string set to ‘amfsecure’, which is how I had changed all the endpoints after having problems with Visibility Scripting. When I went back to the SettingsXML file, I discovered that the endpoints had gone back to amf, rather than amfsecure. Odd. Maybe from part of a restore that I didn’t know about? Anyway, I tried vis2ff, and that worked, so the version I’m currently building (3.6 and linked projects) should hopefully work now.
  • Adding names to the tooltips for the value charting accordion, and matching the formatting.
  • Chased down some poor settings.xml loading tied to IE (again!)