Phil 7.26.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Weekly status
  • Trying out new versions of vis2
  • Thursday 10:30 meeting. It looks like we’ll create a new, clean DB and keep the old one with a PPM version pointing at it. New version keeps all the meta information about contracts, people and such.
  • Build yet another version of Mike’s code. This time I included as much of the original settings as I could. He appeared to have the vis2 project point at the other projects rather than the SWCs in the repo, so I’m trying that.
  • Tried the Fiddler web dibugger and discovered that the message to the remote object didn’t appear to be going out. Going to try the Charles Debugger and see if there is any difference. Nope. Fiddler appears to be a bit better. Not as good as the Flashbuilder debugger though.
  • Just checked and there is a getVersion() method in DbRemoteObject. If the current (re)build of Mike’s workspace fails, I’m going to try a minimum flex app that opens the remote object and calls that method. The code should be grabable from VisibilityScripting

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