Phil 6.28.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Got my PKI certs behaving correctly – maybe.
  • Meeting with Jessica, Mike and Dave W. Some discussions about priorities. Because of budget issues, the highest priority goal is to have everything running on the production server. This means that a test plan that (who?) will sign off on needs to be written and evaluated. This also means that some code that would be desired probably won’t get written.
  • My slightly re-coded version of VisibilityScriptingServer worked out of the box, no debugging required.
  • IngestManager couldn’t access the SSL xml exposed by the publisher servlet. We changed the Tomcat web.xml to open up http on port 80 so that the IngestManager wouldn’t have to use SSL. Since port 80 is only visible behind the firewall, this is probably kosher, if not optimal. May need to spend some time seriously grocking 2-way SSL. Either that or write a test plan.
  • PPM Bugs for today (full list is here)
    • Financial Mitigation Plans cannot be opened for previous entries when skipped
    • Invoices cannot be opened
    • filter not working in Database Mgmt panel
    • sometimes Funding Request Save button not enabled