Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tom DeVito 6.22.2012

Start: 10:00

  • Cleaned up equipment that was on my desk.  It was placed by the other equipment in.
  • I put all hardware related to the wooden case inside it.  Be careful when moving as there is a cup of screws in there which may or may not be needed.
  • Double checked wirring to speakers and sensors.  There was no good way to easily figure out which one went to which.  The ends are labeled and can be spliced into a new connector.  The connector on the board will have the first row with three fingers two on the ends one in the middle, the second smaller row will have the remaining two on the ends.  The ordering will be left to right up and down.  This applies to both speakers and sensors.
  • Started routing the traces for the midi and reset pins of the midi controllers

End: 6:00

Mike 6.22.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Gave a one-on-one demo to Marty of the Vis Tool Suite
  • Talked to Denise P. about the SSP checklist, she is trying to track it down
  • Ingested a spreadsheet of all current FY11 data and will try to generate some vis tool reports against it
  • Tested some queries against the Fy11 spreadsheet
  • Need to get Jim and Jim talking to one another about $
  • Resolved an issue with the map server not working
  • Added an abbreviated label function to flexichart within Visibility:
    • 1200000000 > 1.20B
    • 1234567 > 1.23M
    • 1234 > 1.23K
    • 123 > 123

Phil 6.22.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • More effort expended on getting my admin password
  • Meeting with Denise P
  • Checked fixed version of MavenAssist back into Sourceforge
  • Testing icons in VISIBILITY
  • Still need to download and install the following:
    • ManagementUtils – FB is having a hard time understanding this one. Fixed by deleting and reloading from SVN, then updating the Flex compiler
    • Visibility Scripting Server
    • PPM
    • PA
  • I’m pulling out the dependencies on the VISIBILITY SWCs and adding in dependencies on projects. It makes rebuilding the application much cleaner, ensures that there will be no mismatch between library code in the editor and what’s being linked in. I think a dummy project that pulls in the appropriate swcs and puts them in the repository may still be a good idea.

Dong Shin 06.22.2012

  • fixed SQL error when apostrophe(‘) is present in Funding Request fields
  • fixed disappearing Labels for the horizontal navigator (Data and Chart) in Financial Data (Monthly Data) panel
  • track last login – added server code to update users, last_login column to user table
  • working on sub/parent projects navigation…
    • removed ProjectBudgetWindow for sub projects, replaced it with Project Editor when double-clicking
    • added yearly budget details for sub projects
    • query to retrieve all funding summary
      • SELECT p1.project_number AS projectID, p1.title AS projectName, p1.begin_year AS startFY, p1.end_year AS endFY, p1.total_budget AS totalBudget, p2 . *, c.*,
        SUM(IF(a.year=1, a.amount, NULL)) as year1Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=2, a.amount, NULL)) as year2Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=3, a.amount, NULL)) as year3Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=4, a.amount, NULL)) as year4Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=5, a.amount, NULL)) as year5Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=6, a.amount, NULL)) as year6Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=7, a.amount, NULL)) as year7Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=8, a.amount, NULL)) as year8Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=9, a.amount, NULL)) as year9Amount,
        SUM(IF(a.year=10, a.amount, NULL)) as year10Amount
        FROM projects p1, _project_sub_projects p2, budget_centers c,
        budget_amounts a
        WHERE p2.project_id =99
        AND p2.sub_project_id = p1.uid
        AND c.project_id = p2.sub_project_id
        AND c.uid = budget_center_id
        GROUP BY c.project_id

Tom 6.21.2012

Start: 10:00

  • Realized my connectors for the midi controller were missing a pin.  Swapped them out.
  • Fixed some routing problems
  • Started looking through my red box of miscellaneous electronics to see what needs to be labeled.
  • Started writing a readme for both versions of the board to hopefully clear any confusion in my absence.
  • Checklist of important things to add to readme:
  1. rating of sensor resistors
  2. mapping of sensor/speaker connectors
  3. general parts list
  4. add numbering which corresponds to the board locations
  • Although the new boards will be more practical, the old boards do have the advantage of the extra volume control if ever needed in the future.

End 6:00

Mike 6.21.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Weekly status meeting
  • Sent copies of the documentation to Bill and Jessica
  • Deployed the new visibility to the test server
  • Updated the reports in visibility with the new charting stuff
  • Investigated a bug in PPM when submitting a funding request it would not save.  Appears to be a problem with string being too long to fit in the database
  • Improved some aspects of the charting library
  • Helped Phil build the java projects

Phil 6.21.12

9:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Looking at what the deal is with MavenAssist.
    • The selection listener doesn’t seem to be firing. Adding some code to the “Set Pom” button that will load the selected POM, and should also allow me to debug this a bit.
    • Looks like you no longer need to remove and then add in the PostSelectionListener. No sure if that will break something else, so I’ll leaf the commented code in for now.
  • Sent Melanie a note about FSAs
  • Fixed the “Flex Demo” chart problem in IngestManager by linking directly to the EdgeUtils project, rather than using the Maven swc.
  • Upload some icons tomorrow for car dealers an customers

Mike 6.20.2012

  • Regular server backups
  • Deployed the new visibility with the charting options to the integration machine.
  • Brought Phil up to speed on somethings
  • Modified park of the Col.’s report just to make sure it is working
  • Collected some feature requests from Tangie and passed them on to Dong
  • Typed up the weekly status for Jessica
  • Bug in flexichart: changing colors doesn’t seem to be applying
  • Also auto fill in series title if one is not set

Phil 6.20.12

8:30 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Looks like a hot summer solstice this year.
  • Worked on getting my accounts restarted
  • Sent Jim a note on getting the funds adjusted on the ESSO contract.
  • Checking into the status of Hudson, etc for fgmdev.
  • Getting all the code for VISIBILITY and verifying that it builds.
    • Got the flex side working. Oddities include
      • MvnAssist is no longer working? No – it looks like the part that pulls the POM path from the Eclipse integration is not working correctly. Everything else seems to be behaving.
      • Changing to a new version of Flexbuilder (i.e. 3.2, 3.4 -> 3.6) caused odd include arguments to be added to the Flex Library Compiler option dialog. The additional arguments were removed and then the “Include all classes from all source paths” option had to be selected from the Flex Library Build Path dialog.
      • mvn dependency:tree is a nice way of seeing what a project depends on in a 1980’s graphics format

Dong Shin 06.20.2012

  • fixed a bug not copying Financial Mitigation Plans properly on Duplicate Projects
    • server code changed
    • DBUpdateSQLs06202012.sql for database update
  • changed Copy Project to Copy Project Config to eliminate confusion with Duplicate Project
  • added Duplicate Project menu item to the main menu
  • changed FundingRequest selection to AdvancedDataGrid to have multiple columns sorting capability
  • working on filtering Funding Request

Tom 6.19.2012

Start: 10:00

  • Finalized positioning of all elements and connectors.
  • Cross-referenced sensor circuits with working ones on the previous one to ensure accuracy.
  • added the i2c bus to the board
  • Ran most traces for the I2C communication

End 6:00

Mike 6.19.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Scanned and deployed an update to PPM that added the duplicate copy feature
  • Tested the feature on the integration machine before moving to the test server
  • Demonstrated to Carla, Lenni, and Jessica how it works
  • Emailed a few or Carla’s users who were having problems, apparently they have not been granted network access which I cannot fix
  • Exported a list of all existing funding requests per Jessica’s request
  • Tried to deploy the auto-login PKI feature of visibility to the integration server but there were too many mismatches between the database, the server code, and the client, need a fresh complete version.  I’ll deploy this at the same time as the chart updates
  • Tested the chart updates some more, seem ready to go in
  • Worked with Dong to produce a few queries that will be used in visibility scripting to make some reports
  • Building and burning to a CD copies of visibility and visibilityScripting

Phil 6.19.12

8:00 – 7:00 FP

  • 3:00 Meeting at PAD lab. May go earlier to try printing out mouse
  • Got notice that Shapeways is building the mouse as of 7:45 this morning. I’m guessing it should ship today.
  • Reading Rotary Encoders with an Arduino
  • And the Arduino API. Now that’s useful…
  • Spent a huge part of teh evening in an unsuccessful attempt to print out the new mouse on the new Replicator. I may try going back to the old unit, but the mouse from shapeways is due in a couple of days so maybe not.