Dong Shin 06.27.2012

  • continue working on Project Totals display
    • insert/update queries..
    • save / update / retrieve working
  • added filtering for Sub Project selection window
    • filter on Project ID and Project Name
    • adjusted sub project selection queries to find the start and end year that falls within the parent
      • SELECT uid, project_number as projectID, title as projectName, begin_year as startFY,
        end_year as endFY, total_budget as totalBudget, 0 as isSelected
        FROM projects
        WHERE uid NOT IN (SELECT project_id FROM _project_sub_projects)
        AND uid NOT IN (SELECT sub_project_id FROM _project_sub_projects)
        AND begin_year >= (SELECT begin_year FROM projects WHERE uid = 102)
        AND end_year <= (SELECT end_year FROM projects WHERE uid = 102)
        AND uid <> 102
  • helped Phil building PPM
    • need to change Flex Project settings…