Mike 4.25.12 + 4.26.12


  • Usual backups in the morning
  • I came in to find my help ticket for getting connectivity to our production server closed as ‘resolved.’  The server was still unreachable.  Luckily a very nice lady from the customer advocate office asked to confirm the the issue was in fact resolved.  She helped me get the ticket reopened.
  • A guy who saw the email chain from earlier this week and last is trying to help me diagnose the firewall issue.  He asked me to run a continuous ping to the production server so I wrote a batch file that pings and queries port 443 on the production server ever 5 seconds until stopped.  Unfortunately he’s not responding today.
  • While waiting I decided to verify that the CASPORT servlet filter I wrote will work on the production server.  I was mostly worried that connectivity to CASPORT would be a problem.  The library and  test servlet deployed without a problem.  This is probably the most valuable library I’ve ever written: “CASPORT enable your webapp in 5 minutes.”
  • Continuing the spring-security tutorials


  • Backups
  • The firewall guy is back and responding to my emails.  Started the ping for him and he said he would investigate.  No word back after several hours of waiting and email stating I was about to stop the ping.
  • Back at the mill learning about spring-security.

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