Phil 4.26.12

9:30 – 4:30 FP

  • Slept as much as possible, hoping to become unsick. I think I feel better today
  • It looks like the serial code is working much better. I was trying to determine the size of character buffer using strlen(). Without a null-terminated string to measure, that just won’t work. Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.
  • Getting the json strings to play nicely with the ajson parser. looks like *no* spaces allowed outside of quotes. This is allowed:
    • {"f1_vol":0.10000,"f2_vol":0.20000,"f3_vol":0.30000,"f4_vol":0.40000,"f5_vol":0.50000,"f1_snd":1,"f2_snd":2,"f3_snd":3,"f4_snd":4,"f5_snd":5},
  • while this is not:
    • { "f1_vol":0.1, "f2_vol":0.2, "f3_vol":0.3, "f4_vol":0.4, "f5_vol":0.5, "f1_snd":1, "f2_snd":2, "f3_snd":3, "f4_snd":4, "f5_snd":5 }
  • Sending and receiving the appropriate json objects. Now let’s try to update and resend. Done and working. A pretty good day.

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