Phil 6.23.11

7:30 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • I’ve reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10 after all of yesterday’s (failed) efforts. Trying FreeNX, following the directions here.
    • Installed openSSH
    • apt-get install freenx took *forever*. I think it installs gnome…
    • Might need this later – we’ll see.
    • KDE didn’t work, but GNOME did! Looks nice, and the server required no addition of the desktop outside of the basic install. However, it seems to have limited functionality. For example, I can’t launch a terminal window and the ‘Accessories’ menu is not there.
    • Going to try installing the standard ubuntu desktop (i.e. apt-get install ubuntu_desktop. Well, another long install, but things work quite nicely now.
    • Installed Eclipse (New version – Indigo!). Needs Java
    • Installed Java
  • Worked on the server some more. Sent Jeff an email with a link to a page that show how to set up the interface.
  • Talked to Vernon about my login problems. He thinks that it’s the result of a reorg they are going through. Still no luck with my SSL port.Testing the new PPM. It appears to still be missing the capability of setting it so that a user with a particular role is only able to see projects that they are associated with (as a Program Manager, Financial Analyst or POC(?). Added as bug 6097.