Tom DeVito 6.22.2011

Start: 10:40

Arduino Communications:

  • Wrote a sketch to handle the communications and deserialization on the arduino side
  • Everything should work but I need to fix the PC side deserialization which is currently setup as a test method
  • Once I know all the methods work I will put them into a ArduinoCom library to keep the main sketch from getting cluttered
  • sendData may need some stuff added to it.


  • It is fine to send the DataElements individually instead of one buffer which is how I thought it had to be done
  • Serial.write needs a uint8_t* to the buffer.  I figured they are both 8 bit pointers so I just casted my char*.

End: 5:30

Have to be somewhere at 6:30 will make up the extra hour and change tomorrow.

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