Mike 6.23.2011

  • Deployed the WebDesk and SCT Document tool to FGMDev and worked out several bugs in the process.  Did NOT add pages describing it or linking to it yet.
  • Few more touches to the welcome screen.  Probably going to restructure it again to provide a description screen or each application
  • Tried debugging an issue with the JDBC connection failing every night but my fix apparently didn’t work since I still had to restart stuff this morning
  • Read some about Search Engine Optimization (SOE) for flash sites.  The most recommended way is to provide alternative html content for people without flash player and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  For us, this could be as simple as copy / pasting the Visibilty, PPM, etc. descriptions to a couple simple HTML pages or as complicated as pulling them from a database for both the flash and html presentations.