Phil 12.29.2010

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Anne this morning. We were able to pull data (via excel) from the main database into visibility. Not too many steps either. She’s going to work on putting together a good example table or tables that will let us make a particularly nice set of visualizations
  • Dong and I have a meeting with Adam and Christie at 11:00 – 1:00
    • Summary section year one is summing properly but subsequent years are not.
    • Budgets can be for only one year
    • Explicit save for financial data entry. There may need to be some rolling backup (saving to the client?) that the user may restore from if there is a problem.
    • Show the date of the last comment in the add/view comments area
    • Add commas to the invoice number entry fields
    • make login test not case sensitive
    • need to be able to enter negative amounts for the invoices
    • project name disappears from modify project screen occasionally when returning from some other task
    • Bigger invoice list view to include comments
    • Automatically add a comment if a past value has been changed. Something to the effect 12.28.2020 – Phil Feldman changed November 2010 program actuals for line item xyz from $123 to $345
    • Admin capability to add/modify/delete/merge tables produced using “add new”. Default behavior could be to present a list of projects that use the tag, and have the admin fix each manually. There could also be a global replace button.
    • Add a Financial Status page that only lets HQ see and change project info. This panel mostly shows data from the Funding Requests, but also allows the user to change the funding request by editing fields in the table. To do this several fields need to be added to the Funding Request widget:
      • Reference number in FACTS in reimbursable section (possible uniqueness test?)
      • if certified date != null, put funding amount in initiate/comment
      • Add outlay entry to reimbursable and Direct Cite
      • Add contractor name and location to Direct Cite table
      • Column that subtracts outlays from obligations
      • Roles will need year ranges
      • Program Elements and FACTS PE add to budget line item
      • Remaining to distribute – Total budget minus distributions
      • A scan of Trish’s spreadsheet is here