Christine 12.28.2010

  • Continued working on Mavenizing AirFileImageApp
    • Received 3 errors:
      • Content error in AirFileImageApp-app.xml. Changed generic “this text will be overwritten…” to ${output} and error fixed.
      • Received Error 303 : assets/BlackEye16.png (32, 48 & 128 too) Icon Missing from package. After looking into several possibilities (none of which applied to this issue), commented out the icons for now and it worked. This also ended up eliminating the 3rd error which said “failed to execute flexmojos-maven-plugin3.8:sign-air”
    • Ran several clean installs and they all build the application successfully.
    • Will write up exactly what was done to get application to execute via maven
  • Downloaded lastest MavenAssist patch. Still have the same issue where app is not reading archetypeRepository from settings and using 4.0. The app just does not want to play nice.