Phil 10.26.2010

8:00 – 5:00VISIBILITY

  • Well, the server is mostly back up
    • Wrote up a description of what happened for Laurie
  • Got additional req’s from Christina for PPM. Went over them with Dong.
    • Open multiple projects for editing or modifying
    • A “back” button that re-launches the previous panel. The best way to do this may be to extend the LayoutManager to store the panel with an associated data object? Unsure about this
    • All personnel fields should be able to handle multiple entries. I’m thinking that a variant on the “Add New” combobox might work here.
    • The Portfolio Manager in a funding request also needs to handle multiple entries
    • Look for duplicate projects. The thought is that if the budget values and the service match, then an alert could be shown that warns of the potential match
  • Flex in a week
    • Day 5, Episode 2
    • Day 5, Episode 3
    • Day 5, Episode 4
  • Anne had some problems with a query not showing up in the data visualizer. Will try and see what’s up tomorrow.