Monthly Archives: October 2010

Dong Shin 10.20.2010

Phil 10.20.2010

7:30 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Everything is running fine on site. All the new code is up, and no complaints.
  • Had to write up a justification for Tom to John W. I said that he was working on the Database Servlet, and depending on needs would probably be working on a continuous build process next.
  • Flex in a week
    • Day 4 Episode 4 – nice feature: Using a ViewStackas a data provider will allow a TabBart or ButtonBar (mx or spark) to read the labels of the Viewstack’s components and build the bar automatically.
    • Day 4 Episode 5
    • Day 4 Episode 6
    • Day 4 Episode 7
    • Day 4 Episode 8
    • Day 4 Episode 9
  • Set up MvnAssist as a project on sourceforge:

Phil 10.19.2010

7:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed new versions of Data Viz, Ingest Manager, Account Manager and Scripting Server. Verified that they were, in fact, new.
  • Flex In a week
    • Day 3, Episode 10 – The data wizard did not work. Not sure if it’s worth the extra complexity, either. MXML takes care of this task pretty well.
    • Day 4, Episode 1
    • Day 4, Episode 2
    • Day 4, Episode 3

Dong Shin 10.18.2010

  • downloaded and installed XAMPP on MacBook. It runs on port 80
  • added PreLoader to PPM – logo and download progress show
  • went over the current MvnAssist with Phil
  • more MvnAssist
    • removed flexArchetypeRepo and mvnAssistUrl from UserSetting
    • found a bug – removeChildren() in not working properly – fixed

Phil 10.18.2010

8:00 – 5:00 VISIBILITY

  • Took Pat off the VISIBILITY accounts
  • Added SLA privileges to Anne
  • It looks like there is some progress in getting Matt his data
  • Adam responded to my note about adding logging. So at least we’re all up to date. Not sure what to do until they want to start adding in data
  • Interviewed Christine Alfano
  • Flex in a week
    • Day 3 Episode 3
    • Day 3 Episode 4
    • Day 3 Episode 5
    • Day 3 Episode 6
    • Day 3 Episode 7 – Ok, two-way binding is both cool and easy 🙂

Phil 10.15.2010

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Send a note to Adam, Trish and Murph that we’ve added logging, so it’s possible to get the trending information that was asked for in the demo
  • Coordinated with Dong over MvnAssist
  • Took some pictures of the space and surroundings for Keil’s website
  • Writing up short descriptions of the apps for the website
    • Data Navigator – done
    • Ingest Manager – done
    • Scripting – done
    • Accounts Manager – done
    • Automated online webzine – not sure what to do about this…
  • Flex in a week
    • Day 3 Episode 2

Dong Shin 10.15.2010

  • more MvnAssist
    • fixed dependencies problem – show and add dependencies at top level project.dependencies, not all the dependency tags
    • removed settings.xml under ~/.m2 – conflicts with maven’s settings.xml
    • fixed repo url showing incorrect url

Phil 10.14.2010

7:30 – 9:30 VISIBILITY

  • Attempted to deploy a new Visibility3, but not all the swfs are there. Need to burn that again.
  • Deployed the new version of Scripting, but I’m not sure that it was actually new, since syntax coloring wasn’t there. Need to check on that too.
  • Email from Matt H. on where he’d like to go with VISIBILITY. All looks good. It would be nice to tie into some more databases. Anne’s right though, we need to talk to CMM.
  • Noticed that Dong was about to write the same DOM navigation code to fix the same <dependencies><dependency> bug that I found in MvnAssist a few weeks ago. Stopped him in time. @Dong – Can you check to see if I checked in a more recent version since you checked yours out?

9:30 – 4:30 FP

  • Got my collection of *tiny* metric screws, so I can finish assembly of the first finger. After that, I’ll see if I can put together a couple more.
  • Need to narrow down the strain channels in the palm – done
  • Finished one finger, drilling and tapping the rails
  • Drilled the matching channels in Delrin as well
  • Progress for today – the finished index finger and the parts for the next four:

Dong Shin 10.14.2010

  • more MvnAssist
    • found that <dependency> gets inserted in the first found <dependencies>, not the top level <dependencies> – waiting on Phil’s fix
    • moved Create Project Tab after User Settings so that archetypeVersion shows correct one from User Settings
    • flexmojos dependency, compiler added with flexVersion from User Settings
    • matching compiler for Flex Framework
    • MvnAssist not catching flexmojos:flexbuilder errors – fixed (added more error checking)
    • Compared files on SVN, have the latest checked out. Phil needs to check in his fix.
    • fixed flexmojos putting incorrect Flex SDK info in .actionScriptProperties – use “Flex 4.0” instead of “Flex 4”

Phil 10.13.2010

8:00 – 3:00VISIBILITY

  • Tried to deploy the new version of PPM, but the properties files (only!) were corrupted. Restored the previous version (which was reloading the war, and updating the swfs – need to take a snapshot before an update from now on). Came back here to discover all the files were fine. So I’ve zipped it up and burned it to disk for take 2.
  • Meeting with Matt H. and Anne G. at 1:00 today.
    • Meeting went well Anne will try to get some data out of one of the databases we’re interested in once she gets her account reactivated. We’ll put together a demo based on that data. Explained the funding issues to Matt, and he’s willing to go to bat for us. The demo will help.
  • Burning new versions of VISIBILITY (Data Vis, Scripting, etc) to bring in, since I’ll be there a while today.
  • Asked Keil to infuse the index page with awesomeness.
  • Day 3 Episode 1 – installing the project file and my OS just. Gave. Up. Rebooting.

Dong Shin 10.13.2010

  • continue working on MvnAssist
    • commented out Phil’s new code for Flash Builder 4
    • reworked ExecParser’s file handling – get directory name if file is pom.xml
    • /usr/share/maven – mac’s maven directory
    • ‘\’ and ‘/’ conflict in path/filename
    • installed Maven 3.0 (just released! 10/8)
    • could not get FlexMojos 3.7.1 to work with MvnAssist – works fine with 3.8

Dong Shin 10.12.2010

  • went over PPM with Phil
  • changing MvnAssist to work on Mac
    • -d32 flag needed on run configuration
    • check for OS name and change mvnExeFile accordingly
      • mvn or mvn.bat
    • MessageBox crashes on Display.getCurrent().getActiveShell() returning null
      • new Shell (Display.getCurrent()) added when getActiveShell returns null
    • adding dependencies to Flex 4 projects works

Phil 10.12.2010

7:30 – 5:30 VISIBILITY

  • Trying to set up a meeting with Matt and Anne. Maybe Wednesday at 10:30? Check on the way home. Done. Meeting is set up for 1300 today.
  • Looks like Dong has gotten Maven to behave better than I did. Now we need to fix MvnAssist to incorporate and work on the Mac.
  • Flex in a Week
    • Day 2 Episode 11
    • Day 2 Episode 12
    • Day 2 Episode 13
  • Burned the new PPM disk

BTW, Here’s progress from yesterday: