Phil 10.25.2010


  • PPM is getting used. Talked to Christie Richard, who is entering most of the data. She has a list of suggestions
    • She needs to be sysadm to view projects she creates. We need to make it so that if you create a project, you should still be able to see it.
    • We need to make it so that projects can be created piecemeal. The minimum amount of information should be the project name and ID, but after that, the user should be able to enter data in any order or amount.
      • An incomplete project is one that does not have all the fields plus (sufficient? e.g. something other than all zeros) financial data entered.
      • There should be an INCOMPLETE warning in the title bar if a project is not sufficiently entered. Maybe we can flag that in the project list by highlighting the row, or being able to filter on incomplete projects.
      • It might be worth having an alert come up that indicates what still needs to be done on an incomplete project.
    • She’d like the ability to enter more than one POC for a project. Need to find out just what fields those are. Is this just on project creation or also other forms, such as creating funding requests
    • Add a per-project comment log. It should be visible on the project page and the enter financial data forms (Maybe funding request as well?). There should be an entry field that is editable, and then a text area (searchable?) that shown entries with timestamps and user id.
  • Worked on the MavenAssist site with Dong. The updater site is up, as is a download site. The home page is prettier (it’s a copy of our own web page on MavenAssist)