Phil 7.26.2010

7:30 – 4:30

  • Got a head’s up from Clift about VISIBILITY being used in his project
  • Working the flexmojos bugs out of MavenAssist.
    • I think I got an auto-refresh forced when flexmojos is run. It’s in MvnAssist.saveFlexProjectFiles(). You get the WorkspaceRoot from the ResourcesPlugin, get the path and then the Ifile that points to the .actionscriptProperties file and calls refreshLocal on that.  This page was really helpful:
    • Moved the refresh method to
    • Discovered a Flexmojos:flashbuilder goal that appears to extend the flexbuilder goal. Need to look into that some more
    • Got all of the project files into the right place, now I need to verify that all the substitutions are working.
    • Flailed against a problem where maven was taking a long time looking for help plugins, but now the problem has mysteriously gone away
  • Need to do self-review – done

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