Monthly Archives: July 2010

Phil 7.23.2010

7:30 – 1:30 VISIBILITY

  • It did look like some people read the writeup I did on new capabilities yesterday. There were several edgeDemo logins yesterday scattered through the day
  • Working on adding dependencies in the .actionscriptProperties file. Got most of the pieces working, but not quite right. I think I’m deleting too many of the original <libraryPathEntries>. The <excludedEntries> are getting blown away

Phil 7.22.2010

8:00 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Didn’t get called for Jury Duty. Yay!
  • Wrote up a description of new VISIBILITY capabilities for the customer. Information/Advertising
  • More flexmojo substitution
    • Pulling out old Create Project code – done
    • Build path entries are in .actionScriptProperties under <libraryPath>. Here’s EdgeUtils in my repo. Will need to interrogate the pomdom to get/set this. We’ll also need to trap flexmojo calls in the main app.
      • <libraryPathEntry kind=”3″ linkType=”1″ path=”C:/Phil/m2/repository/com/edgeti/EdgeUtils/EdgeUtils/1.0/EdgeUtils-1.0.swc” useDefaultLinkType=”false”/>
    • Got the project files (without adding libs to the library path) created for a library project.

Keil 7.22.2010

  • Discovered an issue with Eclipse when running JRE 1.6u21.  It causes memory errors fairly quickly when using Eclipse for as little as a few minutes.  If anyone else sees this, roll back to 1.6u20.  I’ve noticed no problems at all since reverting to the prior version.
  • Working on becoming familiar with Flex

Dong Shin 07.22.2010

  • disabled Add New on Appropriations ComboBox; ProjectViewer and FundingRequest
    • added _addEnabled to AddableListComboBox
  • set up new obligation/outlay table with new data
  • commited all files before major change!!
  • create ApproprationMgmtPanel for appropriations management
    • AddNewApproprationWindow
    • GoalsCanvas

Phil 7.21.2010

8:00 – 5:30 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed and tested Data Navigator with fixes
  • Deployed new PPM for 2:00 demo
  • Working on flexmojo replacement templates
    • Added some tests to make sure that all the components are in place for a project build
    • Fixed a bug with the exec() method
    • Pulling old create project out of MvnAssist, since it’s working in it’s own module now.
  • Meeting with Trish
    • Each contract should be in it’s own column (in a grid), rather than separated by commas. It’s too confusing now.
    • Need to add separate appropriation goal creation panel.
      • There should be no “Add New Combobox” option for appropriation, just a combobox (there are several. Check Create Project, Funding Request, etc).
      • Appropriations may be changed over time (i.e. the 2010 appropriation might be different from the 2015 one).
        • This means that it must be possible to add multiple versions of an appropriation (FY10 O&M, FY15 O&M, etc), as well as add a new appropriation
        • Appropriations can run different lengths
          • RDT&E is 3 years
          • Procurement is 4 years
          • O&M is 2 years
        • Each row has the following
          • Month
          • Obligation %
          • Outlay %
    • “Add Budget Center” is not adding data on save
    • Add the ability of the administrator to reset a password
  • Checking how Eclipse works on my Win7x64 system at home. Seems to work just fine…

Phil 7.20.2010

7:30 – 4:00

  • More flexmojo work. CreateProject is spun off, working on flexmojo standin
  • Got the fixes from Mike and rolled into the new Vis2
  • Got the new PPM from Dong
  • Burned a disk
  • Discussed VisibilityScripting upgrades with Mike

Dong Shin 07.20.2010

  • reverse the data retrieval so that the progress bar shows FY in incremental order.
  • prevent editing when data is saving on Financial DataGrid
  • added $ to Contract Management
  • added Save Confirmation to Project Contract Management
  • disabled Drag-and-Drop of contracts for now….
    • drag and drop causes DataGrid itemEditor to crash
  • fixed a bug – mouse click after Project Contract Amount edit doesn’t format the data

Dong Shin 07.19.2010

  • fixed AddableComboBox not selecting the one just saved
  • changed the summary title – FY and Project Name
  • added progress message (FY info) to Progress Bar
  • spend some time trouble-shooting maven for Flash Builder 4

Mike 7.19.2010

  • “Blank” rows no longer show up in the flex widgets.  A row must contain at least one entry that is not an empty string or a single space character ignoring the “uid” and “timestamp” fields.  Side note: somehow some completely empty excel cells are being converted to a single space character on ingest
  • Installed Flex 4 and got distracted by that for awhile…
  • Added a settable actionMax variable to the network widget.  The movement threshold slider in the settings now has two variables which can be set: one which sets the minimum movement required to animate and one that defines the farthest a smartshape can move in a single frame.  No more crazy dancing smartshapes.

Phil 7.19.2010

7:00 – 3:30

  • Customer site is really quiet this morning. Everything is working, including the fixed querylog script
  • More maven today.
    • Pulling out Create Project to make it its own component
    • Going to have the “flexmojo” 4.0 xml components on the webserver so we don’t have to bundle the xml with the jar.

Phil 7.16.2010

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed new PPM
  • Meeting with Trish
    • Ran into errors saving contract information in Financial data. Exceptions follow:
      • Duplicate Entry
      • Lock wait timeout exceeded
    • This seems to be tied up with data already appearing in the Project Contracts table. I had created a project earlier with multiple components. I had then added two contracts with Amounts of $500.  Trish then created a similar project, and the same data was in the first non-summary view. Deleting and re-selecting the data caused each item to then be shown twice. I have a screenshot of this
    • A new item entered in the “AddNew” combobox should be the selected item on close. Currently it is the first alphabetical item.
    • Summary data just needs the project name.
  • Had an error with PublishSupportObject line 130. “Data too long for column ‘content’ at row 1”. Workaround was to change the pull so that it only grabs the last 10 days of data for display.
  • Working on getting Flash4 and Maven to work together