Mike 7.27.2010

Working on AutoComplete TextArea:

  • There doesn’t appear to be any open source (or even publicly visible closed source) text areas with an auto complete popup
  • There are at least 4 auto complete text input components that function a great deal like ComboBoxes
  • The best of which seems to be: http://web.me.com/hillelcoren/Site/Demo.html
  • I’ve started using this example to create a custom TextArea that will have similar behavior
  • I estimate this component will be around 1500 lines and take at least a week (433 lines so far)

After that’s done there are 2 parts left I can think of:

  • Figure out when to open the autocomplete popup (may depend on language).  For example, the Flex one opens after a period, colon, typing “override public function”, hitting ctrl-space, and probably other special occasions.
  • Figure out what to use as the dataprovider (auto complete insert options) which will definitely be language and possibly context specific

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