Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dong Shin 05.20.210

  • fixed some bugs found on fresh install
    • appropriations not loading at Create Project
    • Initial Data for Goals in Obligations/Outlays data
  • Reworked installation document for simpler install
  • moved Local and Server Logs to separate menu item
  • working off Phil’s list – done
    • Review funding request: status: status: false
      sqlStr: SELECT * FROM null.funding_requests ORDER BY uid LIMIT 0, 100
      statusString: Error occurred during runSQL()
      exception: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: SELECT command denied to user ‘projportfolio’@’localhost’ for table ‘funding_requests’
    • Comment out all non-running menu selections
    • Comment out “Project Manager”
    • Comment out Alerts
    • “Project Builder” -> “Modify Project”
    • Move “Contract” Menu heading to “Manage Contracts” under Projects
    • Fix “Close” behaviors on “Create New User”
    • Comment out User Search
    • Add Help menu with “documentation” and “tutorial” pointers
  • new uploaded to

Dong Shin 05.19.2010

  • added scriptFile and createUser options to to specify script file to run and create user
  • created README and walked through with Phil, too complicated. need a simpler
  • tried to install on, not success. Takes down Tomcat when deployed…..
  • changed the way MySQL Connection sets up, server handles it now from properties file instead of client sending it up.
  • Create Project calculates total automatically now

Mike 5.19.2010

Hey, I can connect to the blog again!

  • Added a warning screen for missing dashboards in slideshows when the owner deletes it
  • Added a red highlight color to dashboards that are missing in the create/edit slideshow screen
  • Added a run-once updateDatabase() method which adds the two new tables, runs at the initial startup of the webapp much like the log4j init, does nothing once tables exist
  • Rolled back my database the the dump Phil gave me and ran my “final” version as a test, updated the database and ran fine
  • After too much effort, committed everything* to svn using TortoiseSVN:
    • Visibility3 (Java)
    • ManagementUtils
    • EdgeUtils
    • Vis2

*I think I committed everything I changed but trying to commit in eclipse with subversive corrupted my svn files so we shall see

Phil 5.19.2010

7:30 – 4:30

  • Meeting with Jim M. Came up with a more realistic plan for hitting their goals
  • Showed Anne how to ingest data
  • Deployed new Vis2 and Scripting
  • Tried my new insert. It didn’t work. The reason was that the column name was wrong. Fixed the logging so that the error shows
  • Got ProjPortfolioMgr to deploy on S2f. We’ll also make that the first attempt at an installer

Mike 5.18.2010

  • It works! The load isn’t bad (couple seconds on my machine with local database for 3 small slides) and the slide transitions are instant.  I can also easily add animated transitions from this point.
  • Need to add a little more error handling and clean up some of the menus before checking it in.

Phil 5.18.2010

9:30 – 4:00 5:00 – 6:00

  • Dentist this morning
  • Back to Facade insert – done and working!
  • Dong added backticking to Ingest Manager
  • Built some new sensor rods (paddles?) for Tom

Dong Shin 05.18.2010

  • user registration (NEW_USER) and password changing now functional
  • disabled unnecessary menu items
  • old CreateNewProjectPanel replaced with CreateProjectWindow
  • fixed an IngestManager bug – special characters in column names
  • moved to SQLScriptRunner to ProjPortfolioMgr
    • works like bootstrap – load database when database is not present
    • create user
    • more testing and configure needed

Mike 5.17.2010

  • Finished up the slideshow create screen and some error checks for when a dashboard has been deleted but still exists in a slideshow
  • Started on the slideshow controls and a slideshow canvas.  The controls fit nicely by the logo near the top.  For running a slideshow, I’m planning on creating a new canvas atop the work area and covering all controls while the slideshow is running.  I’ll load all slides up front (we’ll see how well that works) and create a view stack.  This should allow for smooth transitions between slides and save window positions while flipping between slides.  I will disable the ability to close panels but they can still be moved (depending on the layout manager) and minimized/maximized.

Dong Shin 05.17.2010

Dong Shin 05.15.2010

  • Server Loggging works
    •, remoting-config.xml needed to be corrected
    • using com.fgm.javaUtils.logging.VisibilityLogger for LogRemoteObject, not sure if separate ones are needed for separate servlets.
  • Dump three sql files from project_portfolio and added to scripts directory
    • project_portfolio_clean.sql for clean install
    • project_portfolio_inserts.sql for updating data
    • project_portfolio_update.sql for updating structure and data

Dong Shin 05.14.2010

  • created SQLScriptRunnerServer project
  • creates SQLScriptRunnerClient project
  • deployed SQLScriptRunnerServer, but didn’t behave…
    • found commons* jar files are required
  • SQL Script runs from remote object call!
  • Visibility Logging not working properly – http instead of https?

Phil 5.14.2010

7:30 – 4:30

Mike 5.13.2010

  • Thanks to Phil’s DB dump, I’m back up and running, making good progress on the Drag+Drop interface for configuring slideshows
  • Should finish the creation interface tomorrow then start work on actually loading / displaying the slideshows
  • Finally got ProjPortfolioMgrClient to build successfully

Phil 5.13.2010

7:30 – 4:30

  • Fixed the category problem in employees_std. Talked to Mike C about developing an automated way to do this. Will start doing a daily manual set of the details xml. Later, I’ll do this in a script
  • Adding user management to the scripting server – done and checked in.
  • Asked Dong to use javaUtils rather than recreate log4j and properties classes