Dong Shin 05.27.2010

  • foreign key and delete constraint added on fundings table to obligations_outlays table so all the related financial data gets deleted when a funding is deleted
  • fixed a bug not showing Appropration Text on Create Project Panel
  • added appropriate title for SelectProjectWindow
  • add/remove Budget Center (Fundings) working
    • few bugs found and fixed….
    • removed add/remove buttons from Project Viewer
    • Only ModifyProject can add/remove funding
    • added few validators – check for duplicate Budget Centers, empty list
  • changed HAccordion to TabNavigator for FinancialDataSet
  • Alert formular changed to less than previous month, skip NULL values
  • fixed a bug highlighting wrong column for current month in Financial Data Viewer
  • Summary Data uses FinancialSummaryDataDGItemRenderer so that only Goals are highlighted
  • fixed Summary Data when $ value is 0, nothing is shown

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