Phil 5.20.2010

7:30 – 5:30

  • Deployed the new Scripting, which pointed out that I was trying to update the wrong table. Once fixed, the scripts worked fine, so I put them on a schedule to run every day at 7:00 and 7:05
  • Couldn’t connect to the S2F endpoint. Somehow, the url is getting changed from https:// (which it is in the settings.xml file) to http://. I printed out relevant stuff and showed to Dong.
  • Talked to Jim M
  • Meeting/demo with Anne is now set for Monday at 10:30
  • useful!
    • find . -name *.mxml -mtime -15 -type f -exec wc -l {} ; | awk ‘{total += $1} END{print total}’
    • This is “find all the mxml files under the current directory that are less than 15 days old. Run a line count on the files and sum them.
  • We seem to have fixed the problems with ProjPortfolioMgr. Burning a disk

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