Phil 5.11.20

Cut my hair for the second time. It looks ok from the front…

I’m also having dreams with crowds in them. Saturday night I dreamed I was at some job with a lot of people in a large building. Last night I dreamed I was sharing a dorm at the Naval Academy?

A foolproof way to shrink deep learning models

  • Train the model, prune its weakest connections, retrain the model at its fast, early training rate, and repeat, until the model is as tiny as you want. 

Graph Neural Networks (GNN)

  • Graph neural networks (GNNs) are connectionist models that capture the dependence of graphs via message passing between the nodes of graphs. Unlike standard neural networks, graph neural networks retain a state that can represent information from its neighborhood with arbitrary depth.


  • Zach’s having issues getting the map to work on mobile
  • Need to start pulling off controlled entities like China and Diamond Princess
  • Made a duplicate of the trending code to play with

GPT-2 Agents

  • More PGNtoEnglish
  • I have pawns and knights moving!


  • With expanded text!
    • ‘Fred Van der Vliet moves white pawn from d2 to d4’
    • ‘Loek Van Wely moves black knight from g8 to f6’


  • Continue with NoiseGAN
  • Isolating noise. Done!


  • Now I need to subsample to produce the training and test sets. Seems to be working
  • Fitting the timeseries sampling into the GAN


  • Try training the GAN?


  • Community Spaces for Interdisciplinary Science and Engagement
    • Dr. Lisa Scheifele is an Associate Professor at Loyola University Maryland and head of the Build-a-Genome research network, where her research focuses on designing and programming cells for new and complex functions. She is also Executive Director at the Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS) community lab. BUGSS provides unique and creative projects to members of the public who have few other opportunities to engage with modern science. As an informal and nontraditional science space, BUGSS’ activities blend biotechnology research, computational tools, artistic expression, and design principles to accomplish interdisciplinary projects driven by community interest and need.