Phil 4.18.2023

GPT Agents

  • Added threads to ContextExplorer, which worked really well
    • 🧬🦍 Alpha Male Chimpanzee Behavior: A Thread 🦍🧬
    • 1/5: Alpha males can use a range of behaviors to achieve their position, from dominance through violence to alliance building through activities such as grooming. The first pattern involves a single male using aggression to achieve alpha status, while the second pattern involves males building coalitions that are more powerful than any individual. #AlphaMales #Chimpanzees
    • 2/5: In Jane Goodall’s book “The Chimpanzees of Gombe,” she describes the aggressive behavior of male chimpanzees, with an average of one fight every 62 hours, compared to females’ average of one fight every 106 hours. Alpha males like Humphrey have an even higher attack rate, with one fight every 9 hours. #JaneGoodall #ChimpanzeeBehavior
    • 3/5: Becoming an alpha male allows access to the best food and females in estrus, which helps them pass on their genes. However, this does not emphasize alliance building, leaving the male responsible for his own defense and more likely to be displaced by a stronger, younger male. #AlphaMaleAdvantages #ChimpanzeeHierarchy
    • 4/5: Alpha males who gain their status through alliance building take longer to reach that status but typically stay in the position longer because they are defended by their allies. Alliances among chimpanzees are complex networks, and stable alliances can help a male reach alpha status. #AllianceBuilding #ChimpanzeeAlliances
    • 5/5: In Goodall’s study of the Gombe group, the male Figan was able to become alpha due to his stable alliance with his older brother Faben and less stable alliances with other dominant males. Once the hierarchy is established, there is less violent behavior in the group, but violence can emerge when two individuals close in rank engage in a test of dominance. #GombeChimpanzees #FiganAndFaben
    • 🔬 Understanding the complex social dynamics of chimpanzees can provide valuable insights into the evolution of human social behavior and the importance of cooperation and alliances in achieving and maintaining power. #Evolution #SocialBehavior
  • Need to finish wiring up the parsing for lists and sequences then add that to NarrativeExplorer


  • Reply to ToC changes and mention that xxx needs credit for his picture


  • 9:15 standup – done
  • 1:00 BMD meeting -done
  • Spent some time with Rukan looking at pricing for Lambda Cloud. It looks much nicer than Azure – twice the GPUs and each GPU has twice the VRAM
  • Working on slide deck. Add something on foundational attacks – in process
  • Worked on ContextExplorer, getting Lists and Sequences to work. Still need to clean up context for Lists
  • Work on story