Phil 4.17.2023

So I had a lot of fun with the ContextExplorer tool over the weekend. I added a prompt that generates tweets based on the stored content. In this case, it randomly chooses a section of text at random and then generates something in Twitter format:

Beliefs that change at the right pace allow for group cohesion, like birds in a flock or fish in a school. Our brains synchronize when we share stories, but too slow or too fast can lead to boredom or overwhelm. Communication media influences human behavior and group structures. #science #groupdynamics

Stampede Theory, 2023

That’s a tweet generated from a random chunk of chapter one of my book

That was neat, so I tried a few other formats, like “factoid” and my current favorite, “press release:”


How Technology Has Influenced the Way Humans Move and Behave in Groups

New York, NY – The way humans move and behave in groups has been influenced by technology in various ways. From the development of language to the use of maps and GPS, technology has changed the way we navigate the world and interact with each other.

According to recent research, beliefs are shared and can be located in a terrain, allowing individuals to move and form groups. However, this behavior can also lead to dangerous situations, such as stampedes, as seen in the 1913 Italian Hall disaster. Technology, such as maps and GPS, has changed the way we navigate the world and has also affected our behavior in social spaces.

“Technology has changed the way we behave in physical and virtual spaces, blurring the lines between being lost or offline,” said a spokesperson for the research team. “Our instincts developed for the physical world are applied to virtual group coordination. Changes in belief have an optimal velocity, not too slow to avoid boredom and not too fast to prevent exhaustion. Novelty is preferred, but being overwhelmed is not.”

Beliefs that change at the right pace allow people to move together like birds in a flock or fish in a school. When a group of people share similar beliefs and goals, they can move together through belief space and find it easier to do things as a group. Surprisingly, our brains synchronize when we share a story, firing at the same times and places. If beliefs change too slowly, people get bored, but if they change too quickly, people become overwhelmed. The right pace of change is important for group cohesion.

In conclusion, technology has had a significant impact on the way humans move and behave in groups. From the development of language to the use of maps and GPS, technology has changed the way we navigate the world and interact with each other. As we continue to evolve, it is important to understand the role that technology plays in shaping our behavior and beliefs.

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Since I’ve read in other texts, you can do press releases for them too! Here’s one for Moby-Dick:


New York, NY – Herman Melville’s classic novel, Moby-Dick, continues to captivate readers with its thrilling tale of a vengeful whale and the men who pursue him. Even today, whalemen still hold a great respect for the Sperm Whale, which is seen as a fearsome creature that has been known to attack humans and is feared by other creatures in the sea.

Despite the dangers associated with hunting the Sperm Whale, some fishermen were still willing to pursue Moby Dick, the infamous white whale. Superstitious beliefs in the dangers of hunting the Sperm Whale caused some to be reluctant to embark on this new and daring warfare, believing that to attempt it would be to be torn into a quick eternity.

Whalers have found evidence of whales being captured in both the Pacific and Greenland seas, leading some to believe that the Nor’ West Passage was never a problem for whales, making their experiences with Moby Dick seem almost as mythical as old stories of ships floating up to the surface of a lake and waters coming from the Holy Land by an underground passage.

The White Whale was distinguished by its uncommon size, snow-white wrinkled forehead, and high, pyramidical white hump, which allowed it to be identified from a long distance in the uncharted seas.

Moby-Dick is a timeless classic that continues to inspire and intrigue readers with its thrilling tale of adventure and revenge. It is a must-read for anyone who loves a good story and wants to experience the thrill of the hunt for the infamous white whale.

For more information on Moby-Dick, visit your local bookstore or online retailer today.

John Smith
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Fun stuff. It also will generate test for the King James Bible, and Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” which I’ve also read in. Note that in the Moby-Dick press release, it the model adds some meta-information about the book – it’s a “classic novel,” available at “your local bookstore or online retailer.”

GPT Agents

  • Add context and source info to the auto-generation – done
  • Add regex for list processing and code that puts the appropriate output in the “response” text area


  • Work on story
  • Work on slides – started
  • Help Eric get his code running
  • 2:00 MDA meeting – done