Phil 3. 16.2023

Google is  introducing a first set of AI-powered writing features in Docs and Gmail to trusted testers. Rollout to begin with trusted users.

Lots of GPT-4 chatter. The demos look pretty incredible. Got my access!


  • Add “to-GML” button that creates a network and saves a file to be imported into Gefi
  • Create some pix!
  • 3:00 USMC prep with Aaron. Slides?

GPT Agents

  • Once pix are done. Start on poster. Try to send off tomorrow
  • Start processing embeddings for other tweets so there is more data to demo with
  • If there is time, make some videos as a backup


  • 2:00 Meeting. Went well. I need to send some questions and answers that work in the context of the book – easy, medium, and hard