Phil 3.15.2023

What is Rumble? The streaming platform building an alternative internet

GPT Agents

  • I realized that now with embeddings that I can revisit the “list of nearby xxx” approach to maps
  • 4:00 or 5:00 meeting. Time zone issues
  • Ping Antonio – done


  • Run 100 stories each, cluster and label – done
  • Write the code that will connect the sentences for each of the stories and see if they pass through clusters in meaningful ways. I still wonder if just looking for distances between sentence (or summary) vectors would make more sense. Something to evaluate. Done
    • Another thought is to average the narrative trajectory using an adjustable window. Something to try
  • If things look reasonable, write code that creates a network graph out of the connected clusters, lay them out in Gephi, and render them. This all needs to be done before the 20th!
  • Looking at the plots, things look very promising. I’ll try to generate networks tomorrow